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  • 11 Kasım 2014, Salı 09:56

Van Artisans Credit Facility

Van Artisans Credit Facility
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Van Union of Chambers of Tradesmen and Craftsmen ( VESOB ) Chairman Faruk Alpaslan , varies according to the nature of the business with Speed ​​trades by the Cooperative Credit Surety credit will be given to up to 75 thousand TL said.

Van news: Photo Description those with VESOB Chairman Alpaslan , Van's largest district of the Silk Road town , mainly Edremit and Tusba within the boundaries of the activities engaged in all trades , Speed ​​on lending in the most favorable conditions Credit Surety expanding the cooperative's activities large said that they allow . President Alpaslan , credit renew their car of driver trades on the use of the loan with the artisans who will be used to mean a better assessment of the art of stating it would be a pretty good opportunity, \"the economic empowerment of small artisans in our region for a long time the better running of the business locations in the winter months , as well as trades of our brothers modification of businesses can benefit from these loans on the trading of seasonal products . the Speed ​​regarding loans that will be used to expand the credit Surety Cooperative area , to the benefit of our fully tradesmen . Speed ​​loans through credit Surety Cooperatives will be given to artisans with the most favorable terms and at lower interest rates . will take place next to our always tradesmen as VESOB President. as they arrive demands of tradesmen we will try to help in the framework of laws and regulations as room management in . Van province is an important step in terms of increased employment. that if used properly and conscientiously credit , more staff expanded its business owners work will provide the opportunity to run . This is also of great importance for the reduction of unemployment in our city . The amount of credit will be given to artisans, varies according to the nature of the business together will be up to 75 thousand TL \"he said. Photo Alpaslan , said they never in the room would not be a distinction , I loved all the rooms of the words is equal for them.

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