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  • 08 Kasım 2014, Cumartesi 17:17

The first was held in Van, Turkey Earthquake Resistant Hospital

The first was held in Van, Turkey Earthquake Resistant Hospital
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Turkey's first and only hospital in earthquake-resistant smart , was held in Van.

Van news: Located in a statement on the Photo Kona Van Public Hospitals Association Secretary General Vural Polat , ongoing construction in the city 500-bed Women's and Children's Diseases and Cardiovascular Surgery Hospital , said Turkey earthquake resistant is the first and only intelligent hospital . With the ground floor that earthquake isolators in all columns between the first floor and Parker stating that produce of his own energy , \"ground floor with has 524 seismic isolators 110 centimeters in diameter between the first floor. Brought from abroad seismic isolators in each direction 55 centimeters will be able to move. Also a possible earthquake case , the service at the hospital will continue endlessly , \"he said .
Van 3 years ago experienced 7.2 and devastating two major earthquakes in the 5.6 magnitude stressed that hospitals in large damaged Parker,\"many of the hospitals that most need it during the earthquake has become unavailable . Demolition decision received State Hospital, Obstetrics and university hospitals with Children's Hospital of collapse, can not serve Training and Research Hospital waiting to collapse as well. Ministry of Health, the earthquake immediately followed by 500 beds on the Silk Women's and Children's Diseases Cardiovascular Surgery Hospital'he started to build. approximately 160 million pounds cost using the latest technological systems in the hospital, \"he said .
110 thousand meters earthquake of the closed area working in the hospital even voicing continues to feel and not be afraid to serve Parker, in the city during an earthquake if electricity is cut in hospital he said that electricity outages. The hospital was planned as a 500-bed , intensive care units , indicating that serve as a 750-bed complex with observation beds in the emergency Parker, \"120-bed intensive care in the hospital, with 80 beds to locate the emergency unit. Besides, single rooms and rooms equipped with bathroom , toilet and television will be for each patient. in addition, our hospital will include 13 units operating room , \"he said .
Construction ongoing hospital pointed out that the first in Turkey Polat said:Photo \"Smart hospital was built as a model hospital , lighting and so warming will set all the energy goes automatically. so a patient we will turn itself off air conditioning in the room, opened the window automatically . to cool 5 stars as in hotel hospital itself thaw . No one will be no need to set anything in. for example, to turn itself off after the birth of lighting the sun , the sun goes down when the lights automatically and will burn natural gas from producing its own electricity to be purchased from outside electricity. electricity will be needed . Producing heat energy producing heat energy at a hospital olacak.türkiye no example of a public hospital oluşturabilicek an example of that. \"Photo Parker, earthquake-resistant hospital , he added that he would serve the region was completed in 2015.

The first was held in Van, Turkey Earthquake Resistant Hospital" comments for.


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