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  • 11 Kasım 2014, Salı 14:01

( Special Report ) Challenging the Terrible Family Life Challenge

( Special Report ) Challenging the Terrible Family Life Challenge
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Van, occurring terrible earthquake in 2011 destroyed the family home in about 3 years'Mevlana house ,'he fights for his life known in the container .

Van news: Photo 8 inhabitants residing in the neighborhood depend on the Edremit district of Suphan horrible family, due to the destruction of their homes in the earthquake are forced Mevlana house for 3 years . Abdulkadir father stating that lay the foundation for a new home for the house was destroyed in the earthquake was awful, he worked as head injury after falling from a building and thus half of the house where he was staying in at the base . He received a blow from the beginning while it fell from the building and work , stating that the situation was awful, \"was destroyed house in the earthquake. We are staying at the Mevlana house with 8 inhabitants family. I could not work after falling off a building . I'm in bed for a year , I can not work . Therefore my house stayed in half ,\"he said . < br/> Only the Social assistance and Solidarity Foundation ( SYDV) the aid with an expression that makes a living Terrible, \"Three years, we earn our income with his help the occasional neighbor with SYDV.come one than that we did not ask our state . the most recent SYDV us a one-year home hired . there we moved . God bless our state and our foundation. They we were not we were now outside. the authorities and the benevolent citizens waiting support only for the completion of my house , \"he said. Photo Mevlana Terrible touching on the challenges of staying at home, \"the evening from the roof water dripping. we are staying at Therefore kitchen. this time here is getting cold. at night, do not lie down , \"he said .
mother Nazi terrible if , noting in particular that electricity were cut off when the house's ice broken, \"Already we are sick of me and my wife . Other children are reading. Because of course they do not work since impossibilities and the lack of tangible household had to leave school because my daughter who will start high school this year have both cold and suitable environment. We expect to complete our house support from the authorities , \"he said . Photo stressed that his beloved had to leave school because of financial difficulties Terrible Zeynep said,\"I love the school. I want to go to military school for girls , but because I did not prefer closed . I had to leave school because of religious high schools appeared hawthorn me but financial difficulties , \"he said. Photo Zeynep horrible, he wanted to go back to school if possible and added that he wanted to be a cop.


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