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  • 12 Kasım 2014, Çarşamba 16:34

Found in Ercis 110 people in a week Organ Donation

Found in Ercis 110 people in a week Organ Donation
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Van Ercis 110 people a week who donated the organs in the district , District Governor Mehmet Sirin Yasar was donated .

Van news: Photo District Multi-Purpose Hall in the office of the governor by the Directorate of Health'Organ Donation and Transplantation'was held a seminar . In his opening speech of the seminar Ercis District Health Director Dr. Mehmet İçöz , as a result of a week of work they have done in 110 people in the entire county that organ donation , said the goal is to reach the 100 thousand people in a year. While the adventure of human life in the womb, while only about 120 days a tiny flesh and bone God's existence begins with the blowing of His spirit telling Dr. İçöz , \"We began studies to assess County Health Department as Organ and Tissue Donation Week in the best possible way. Our work is not only to cover this week , we thought that by spreading a year. We opened a permanent stand last week in our hospital. In our second booth we plan to be mobile . we have as many places to posters . I want to say with pride that our this effort has already borne fruit . we have catch 110 donors in one-week period . in this state, the donor area 1046 institutions in Turkey , associations, we rank 170 in foundations. They have institutions in most of the big cities that If we consider we compared the population I think we are in first place in Ercis . Thank you for the favor they showed to all Ercişli and donors. our work rate will continue unabated and our goal will be to reach at least 100 thousand donation figures within 1 year and pass this figure. on this occasion all the institutions and organizations I would like to say that I expect support from their superiors. For this success requires a team effort to support us in every respect Governor Mr. Mehmet Sirin Yaşar , contributed to the diligent work of the Health Services Ercis Branch Manager Furkan Silver , a technical support that Management Services Ercis Branch Manager Metin Celik , who volunteer 112 Emergency Medical Services personnel and all other personnel to , circle chiefs of my friends and so far I've always believed , I like to thank wholeheartedly the Ercişli , I offer my respect ,''he said. Photo Ercis District Governor Mehmet Sirin Yasar is , emphasizing the importance of organ and tissue donation , \"Last a week in our district is the prosperity of the indicator as humanitarian donate their organs to 110 people . Each individual's health problems are a fact may encounter live can and death. patients in the world's four sides as a serious stage floor've Turkey in organ donation point comes to our country for an organ transplant . More prosperous and organ donation to a community of healthy individuals is very important. After he died the people after us will survive our bodies , the continued quality of life , to be happy and we should donate more useful for society . I will tell you the importance of this issue to the people as I can reach . As always you together as peace envoy hope we will ignore progress in this regard , \"he said .
Then'Organ Donation and Transplantation'related Ercis Health Services Branch Manager Ali Furqan presentation of the seminar by Silver was performed . After the presentation , at the government building stands opening took place. Ercis District Governor Mehmet Sirin Yasar , was found in organ donation by visiting the stand.

Found in Ercis 110 people in a week Organ Donation" comments for.


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