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  • 12 Kasım 2014, Çarşamba 14:30

Description of the AK Party Congress soap

Description of the AK Party Congress soap
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Justice and Development Party (AK Party) Tusba District Chairman Nayif Shabu November 8, the day of the AK Party Tusba District President of Congress, they plan to do that Central Decision Executive Board stopped by the decision , said:\"The decision of the headquarters binding and final decision.

Van news: Accusations made ​​about the cancellation of this respect, choices, comments and insults are intentional personal account and ambition , \"he said .
A statement in writing Shabu , their task of stopping the elections , he said outside the responsibility and authority . Shabu , \"As you know, the AK Party Tusba County organization for our 1st Annual Congress November 8, 2014 Saturday at 10:00 Pier Quarter \"all of our preparation to be done in the Boarding School's sports hall on the completed 400 delegates on the same day and time and we sent out invitations to 250 NGO representatives . However, Congress hours by staying AK Party our headquarters with central Decision Executive Committee made ​​our congressional districts was stopped . Hence the need to make the convention in accordance with the relevant supervisor provisions of our statute and our both congress of Directive or be made to the authority belongs to our headquarters. Therefore, the judgment of our headquarters binding and final decision. this with regard to the allegation concerning the cancellation of the elections , comments and insults are intentional personal account and ambitions. Does an organization made ​​preparations for days when you want to cancel the election? Come up to this financial burden ? Hundreds of delegates and invited guests ? Or is this decision leaves the last day and time ? \"He said . Photo Delegate list of 3 times news in the form is changed and claimed President Shabu underlines whether the right of the \"Delegate We were sent to the selection committee for the district writing in accordance with the general center of our instructions and criteria. However, the new Act, the provincial center , our metropolitan district is divided into three separate eighty percent of our delegates list that was returned on the grounds that approval by the Chief Prosecutor . For this reason I was removed from my organization , including eighty percent of the delegates list . Therefore unfair comments made ​​against us and condemn the outrageous insults , would return to their owners. I want to remind them of the words of a philosopher . Thinker says;'Man is man's guide shows the lyrics of the human personality . Everyone belongs to the owner spent the evil talking about material in the saddle , \"he said .
\"By anyone has bothered many well-known that Tusba district offices of the success of a team environment , sorrow has shipwrecks \"Tusba County Commissioner Using expressions Nayif Shabu , \"about it Allah also says a friendly follows;'All fires burn where the fall , he had only just ignite a fire in space, ie with the burn . \"He also jealousy, envy and jealousy is a fire. This fire burns burns burns the owner always stops throughout his life , \"he said .

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