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  • 11 Kasım 2014, Salı 16:03

Bahçesaray And Çatak AK Party Congresses

Bahçesaray And Çatak AK Party Congresses
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5. AK Party usual convention of Bakhchisaray district and Çatak were performed with a mass participation .

Van news: Photo of Van Bahçesaray and Çatak congressional districts ; MPs and Provincial President Fatih Farmers Gülşen Orhan Av. Zahir was held with the participation of Soğanda . Who attended the conference in the morning Bahçesaray Gülşen deputy Orhan and Provincial President Zahir onion , where he addressed the members of the organization . Bahçesaray Boarding School District President of the congress held at the conference hall into a single list Cumalı patient was re-elected . Speaking at the Congress Provincial President Av. Zahir onion was Kurdish part of speech . Who wish to be auspicious auspicious Congress onion district , said the district offices of the AK Party to power the building . The MPs Photo Gülşen Orhan , made all of his speech in Kurdish . Orhan messages that unity in his speech , stating that they would not allow anyone to undermine the peace process , and wished the congress is not conducive to charity . Orhan, stating that Bahçesaray the AK Party received enormous investments with the government , in a large part in the closing Karapet Recalling the snow tunnel that construction continues at Gateway , said it would shut down now the Bahçesaray road. Photo Bahçesaray last of the following to Çatak congressional districts AK Party delegation attended the boarding Çatak congressional district held in the School District . Silence and the National Anthem read by the current president of the congress began Tahsin Babur was re-elected to the district president. AK Party Deputy Fatih Van farmers who delivered a speech in Congress , the AK Party government touched upon the investments in the region , had no wish to bring on the Çatak district convention . Health in the region of Van , Farmer said the base of transportation and the economy, he said he met and guarantee that we try to do service with many investments made ​​with Van's AK Party. Çiftci ,''is also reflected in our country's development in all areas of our province . Van will be the base engine . Our city took not invest as much in all areas compared to the prior 12 years. We have to bring more investment and service to our city with our organization as 4 deputy labor we worked night and day whether . In the last 4 years in education, transportation, health care and other areas in Van Praise came to the desired point . Our government has never stopped Van alone. No service does not come out of nowhere . If you come invest in this province , it's a labor comes as a result of the effort. Investment in our province are provided after the government investment budget. AK Party in front of the freedoms this country was opened. Democracy is more experienced , we have become a welfare country. People in our country before the AK Party was unable to explain themselves a . The AK Party has not ever ignore a problem, \"he said. Speaking about the solution process
Deputy Farmer,\"Founding General Chairman , our President a clear language'There is a Kurdish problem , \"he said . Point in the solution of this problem is taking a confident step. Who want to disrupt the process will not be compromising on some groups. Our government this issue in solving society's point of bleeding wound that has put their whole body , not the hands. Now mothers will cry , brother , shall flow . NEW brother on the annuity providers dreams will fall into the water , \"he said .

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