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  • Eklenme Tarihi :
  • 07 Kasım 2014, Cuma 17:06

AK Party Deputy Chairman Van Çalık

AK Party Deputy Chairman Van Çalık
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Justice and Development Party (AK Party) Deputy Chairman Öznur Caliskan, Van, Aysel Tugluk , saying , \"As a mother, I appeal to Van deputy Aysel Tugluk .

Van news: 30 years existing , causing the death of 40 thousand son was going to stone you throw you to stop this process. If you ann pregnant , if you have it delete it from your heart of compassion, not your hand to the settlement process , you have to put under the stone of your body , \"he said . Gürpınar congressional districts of Photo Party and the \"New Civil Society Meeting in Turkey \"AK Party Van MPs to attend the meeting Burhan epithermal , Gülşen Orhan, Mustafa seer and Fatih Öznur from Van with Çiftçi'yl Caliskan, Ferit Melen Airport Provincial President Zahir was greeted by the onion and the party . Exchange Istanbul Boarding Secondary School participated in the Gürpınar District Congress hall AK Party Deputy Chairman Assistant Caliskan, the AK Party government gave information about the investment made in Van period . Stressing that attempted relief of tears of the mothers with the solution process Caliskan, in September Sanliurfa throwing stones at security forces during demonstrations in the border Suruc Van Independent MP Aysel Tugluk , saying , \"A mother I appeal as Van deputy Aysel Tuğluk . 30 years existing stone you take to stop this process causing the death of 40 thousand son, he will come to you . If you are pregnant mother , if you delete it from your heart of compassion , you have to put your hand under the stone, not your body for the solution process. We sorund to take until the end of the solution process of brotherhood and peace . Ensuring the most important thing public order we need to do while maintaining the solution process, we make concessions on this issue , do not we , \"he said .
AK Party government, the Van's striking is the very important role Caliskan, \"Here I am addressing those who want to dominate . This is not a place değneksiz . We will continue to be the first party here . How many parties going on everywhere in all of Turkey's ? There is only one party , then the AK Party . Sounds like lions and will continue to come . I know what struggles gave my brother here. Our headquarters , our government , Prime Minister , President of the Republic on their side . CHP, MHP , such as the AK Party congress they do give Gürpınar . This is the basis of democracy struggle . If you can not afford to Van, Turkey's integrity , you can not talk of the division , \"he said . Photo speech of the then Çalık to the Koyunyatag the village , where he chatted Hussein with Lions is a citizen of the house going to the woman. Home with the kids who listen to only one paying attention to women's troubles Caliskan, \"Unity and we must not let those who want to spoil our togetherness . To deceive our children , we must not allow them to go to the mountains. We stand with you every time , you have space above our heads , \"he said . Photo Caliskan, chat after the AK Party Van deputy Orhan Gülşen have left home drinking tea to be served by .


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