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  • 13 Kasım 2014, Perşembe 16:22

Agder from the Siyar-i Nebi Contest

Agder from the Siyar-i Nebi Contest
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Anatolian Youth Association ( AGD ) Van Branch School Committee Chairman Arif Yilmaz ; As Branch Anatolian Youth Association, Van, held across the country by the headquarters and each year made ​​the Siya-i Nebi Competition will be performed this year's organization of the 81 provinces in the December 20, 2014 On Saturday , he said.

Van news: Located in a Photo Description Yilmaz, our future, the most important objective of the competition which will be held guarantee that our young people , for example people our Prophet Hz . Muhammad's (pbuh) life and provide learning examples to train a generation , he said . Yilmaz, \"This competition occasion of the high school students of the Prophet will be instrumental to the best way to learn , I hope the life of our Lord . Van overall with official correspondence to all high school , we reached posters and announcements of our high school students . We face intense demand in general and in the district of Van. Here high school youth and their families again we need to make the announcement. our high school youth ; address from November 20, 2014 until the date of application made ​​after the Anatolian Youth Association, our Van branch came to our offices in our building and our other districts'Gaye Human Prophet Mohammad'take the book will be sufficient. in addition, examination of input documents again will be our stated that till date AGD Branch Presidency. Competition exam results, 31 December will make 2014 days'Conquest of Mecca in the Night \"will be announced . of the top 10 in the country prizes to give headquarters. the first 6 thousand , the second of four thousand third to three thousand, two thousand fourth , fifth laptop , Ipad new sixth , seventh mobile phone , camera, eighth , and ninth and tenth MGV Publications products will be given a special library. General together with the center of our award Van branches as also in our city winning the first 10 students on the provincial winner of Umrah visit , the second to the computer, the third to a half of gold, fourth Erbakan Collection, fifth to one-year young İstikbal Magazine subscription and $ 50 stationery checks, with 6 10 of the winning students will still be awarded a check of $ 50 stationery , \"he said .

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